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Possible Road Rage Leads To Fatal Massachusetts Accident

Possible Road Rage Leads To Fatal Massachusetts Accident

It seems that no matter how much awareness is brought about the dangers of car accidents and the benefits of defensive driving, accidents still happen far too often. Many car accidents are just that, accidents, but some motor vehicle incidents are not accidents. It may sound surprising, but while the vast majority of drivers try their best to avoid getting into wrecks, some reckless or rage-filled drivers actually bring about accidents intentionally.

Police suspect such intentional endangerment in a recent accident that occurred in Massachusetts. The accident caused a highway exit to be closed for an extended period, required one victim to be hospitalized with serious injuries, and cost another victim his life. Police believe there was road rage involved in the accident, as the investigation indicates that the two vehicles struck one another at some point while on the highway. Shortly afterward, both vehicles exited the highway from the same ramp, at which point the fatal accident occurred.

The victims were driving a Chevrolet, and the Ford Ranger that was involved in the accident fled the scene after the fatal accident. A witness to the accident later identified the vehicle, and the driver was arrested for multiple offenses, including his second drunken driving offense.

Instances such as these are quite rare, as most people seek to avoid accidents, but particularly in instances of intoxicated driving, such dangerous, fatal accidents can be more common than you might expect. Intoxicated drivers show a marked carelessness for their own well-being and the well-being of other drivers, and this sometimes causes them to make dangerous decisions that could harm others. If you have been involved in such an accident, consider meeting with an attorney to explore your chances to be compensated for your injuries.

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