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How Polite Drivers Kill Motorcyclists – Disobeying Traffic Laws Can Cause Injury & Motorcycle Deaths

A lot of people mean well when they’re behind the wheel. Some drivers will give up the right of way to another driver in a tough spot and usually, everything turns out OK.

But not always, because sadly, sometimes this approach ends up hurting other people.

Being polite can cause motorcycle deaths & Injuries

Motorcycles can be hard to see and offer no protection to their riders in an accident. Because of this, riders should avoid passing people on the right, especially trucks and other large vehicles that conceal them from other drivers.

However, even traveling in an otherwise empty traffic lane can be dangerous for a motorcyclist. Here’s a common scenario called a “wave on” that poses a large risk to motorcyclists.

Picture a two-lane road that comes to an intersection. A car is in the left lane and a truck is approaching them from the other way with a turn signal on. The car driver, being a polite person, stops and motions to the truck driver that they can make a left turn in front of them. They’ll wait. The truck drivers wave back and start to make the turn…

And that’s when the crash happens.

The car driver never saw the motorcycle coming up behind them in the right lane, headed towards the same intersection. The truck driver couldn’t see the motorcycle because the car was in the way. Their attention was on each other, and the motorcyclist ended up paying dearly for the mistake.

Motorcycles are a fun, challenging, and rewarding way to move around. They also require constant vigilance and knowledge to stay safe. Even when a motorcyclist is driving in a lane alone they are at the mercy of other driver’s mistakes.

So please, to avoid motorcycle deaths and injuries, don’t be polite, just obey traffic laws