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Strong Will to Live: 11-Year-Old Boy Mauled by Pitbull

Strong Will to Live: 11-Year-Old Boy Mauled by Pitbull

We like to think our children are safe in our backyards. After all, we conjure up images of backyard swing sets, tree houses, or maybe even a princess castle. We play catch, jump rope, and kick around balls. When our kids are old enough, we love to give them a break from homework and video games and send them outside to play. It’s safe.

Except when it isn’t.

A pit bull viciously mauled an 11-year-old boy playing in his backyard in Dorchester. What do you do when your child is attacked? Where are the owners? Where are the leashes? How does this happen in your own backyard?

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A Boy Fights for his Life

Bramwell Rodriguez-Rojas was attacked by a pit bull on December 30th. He had been playing in his backyard when two pit bulls came onto the property. It is not known at this time if the second pit bull played a role in the attack. The two dogs were not on leashes, according to a home surveillance video.

Rodriguez-Rojas said he heard a bark and “started screaming.” “I was looking at the dogs. They both had bloody teeth. I was crying and telling Jesus to save me.”

An officer, who was off-duty at the time, heard the boy’s screams and fired his gun to stop the attack. Rodriguez-Rojas suffered bites to his legs, arms, and neck. After two surgeries, body covered in stitches, Rodriguez’s will to live is strong. He is now home with his family.

Children Suffer More from Dog Attacks

The CDC has stopped tracking dog bite victims, so dogbite.org has stepped in to draw attention to these horrifying statistics. Over a 13-year study:

  • Children under 2 suffered the most fatalities from dog bites.
  • Pit bulls contributed 91% of all dog bite fatalities.
  • Family dogs were responsible for 54% of all fatal attacks
    • 65% were pit bulls

Our love of dogs and their love for us has been a staple in our history as humans. Dogs been our protectors, helped our farms, protected livestock, carried us across snowy mountains, and many notable achievements. However, a healthy respect for their capabilities must return. As we have gone from farmers and hunters to suburban moms and dads, it is important to note that domesticated animals retain their instincts.

Watch your children. Watch your neighborhood. Talk to your children about the possible dangers a dog can have whether they’re your family pet or not. Help them protect themselves by teaching a healthy respect for dogs.

We’re Here for You

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