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The Dangers of Working with Heavy Equipment

The Dangers of Working with Heavy Equipment

From construction workers to warehouse workers, many employees rely on heavy equipment to perform their jobs. Unfortunately, the same equipment employees use to perform their jobs is the same equipment that can cause the employees serious harm. Employees who consistently work with heavy equipment can become seriously injured at any second. Some of the dangers associated with working with heavy equipment are explained by our Boston construction site accident attorneys.

Being Struck by Equipment

Workers who operate heavy machineries like trucks or cranes are at risk of being struck by those same objects. One of the most common accidents where an employee is struck by heavy machinery involves a machine operator running over an employee’s body part. Another common accident is when a crane or equipment strikes another worker. These accidents are caused when a worker fails to turn the machinery off properly or fails to secure work zone areas on construction sites properly.

Getting Crushed by Heavy Machinery

When workers are struck by heavy machinery or get stuck between a location and a piece of equipment, workers can endure serious injuries like amputations or bone fractures. Workers are at risk of getting crushed by heavy machinery when other workers fail to abide by safety recommendations or ignore safety procedures to cut down on time. To avoid these types of accidents, workers are instructed to remain aware of their surroundings at all times and devise an exit strategy in case they are caught between a piece of machinery.

Electrical Shocks

Like all manufactured products, heavy machinery is at risk of becoming defective or worn down from use over time. Heavy machinery that contains improper wiring or is exposed to standing water can increase the chances of electrocution for workers. When workers are electrocuted on the job, they can experience serious injuries like organ damage, cardiac arrest, and third or fourth-degree burns. In addition to being defective, heavy machinery can cause workers to become electrocuted when other workers fail to turn the power source entirely off.

Getting Run Over by Heavy Machinery

Workers operate heavy machineries like dump trucks, forklifts, and even tractor-trailers. When workers fail to notice other workers entering or exiting a work zone, they can back over those workers by accident. Workers are more likely to be backed over by heavy machinery when they are in the process of walking or standing too close to the machinery. Workers are also at risk of being backed over by heavy machinery when machine operators fail to turn the heavy machinery off or mistakenly place the heavy machinery in reverse.

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