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Tips for Spring Bicycle Riding in Massachusetts

Tips for Spring Bicycle Riding in Massachusetts

As the weather gets warmer in the springtime, more people are yearning to return to certain outdoor activities. Bicycling has always been one of the more popular outdoor exercises for everyone to enjoy. However, warmer weather does not always mean safer circumstances for bicyclists. There are particular hazards during the springtime that bicyclists want to avoid when returning to the path. Here are some tips from our Boston bicycle accident attorney that all bicyclists in Massachusetts can use when riding their bikes in the spring.

Perform Maintenance on Your Bike Before Riding

Just like all functioning vehicles, bikes contain parts that can become rusty or defective when out of use. Exposure to outside elements can cause tires and chains to experience wear and tear. Before taking a ride, cyclists want to perform some maintenance on their bikes to prevent accidents. Cyclists want to pay special attention to the rims and tires.

Stay on The Lookout For Dirt, Grime, And Sand

Unpredictable weather conditions like rain and hail storms can cause dirt and sand to accumulate on pathways. Bicyclists who come in contact with this debris can lose control of their vehicles and hurt themselves and surrounding pedestrians. To avoid these types of accidents, cyclists want to remain on the lookout for any dirt or sand on their pathways.

Wear All of Your Protective Gear

Even though bicyclists haven’t been on their bikes in months, one habit they do not want to forget is wearing all protective gear while riding. Even the best bicyclist wants to ensure they have on their helmet while riding. A helmet will prevent cyclists from suffering from traumatic brain injuries. Wearing protective gear also involves wearing reflective clothing to make visibility better for bicyclists. Reflective clothing can consist of bright clothes with UV lights or clothing constructed from fluorescent material.

Do Not Assume That Drivers Will Notice You

In a perfect world, drivers would be attentive and obey all traffic regulations. However, as the rise of pedestrian and bicycle accidents during the pandemic has shown, that has not been the case. Even though drivers have a responsibility to remain on the lookout for all pedestrians and bicyclists, drivers can become distracted and fail to notice the presence of a cyclist until it is too late.

When riding through a crosswalk or near a busy street, bicyclists want to practice extra precaution and ride as far away from motorists as possible. Bicyclists sharing the roads with cars, trucks, and motorcyclists should also ride defensively and pay attention to the motorist’s movements.

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