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The Difficulty Of Amputation Cases

Amputation cases are among the saddest and most difficult cases to handle. The loss of a limb is devastating to the injured party and requires not only extensive medical treatment but emotional support as well. We have had the honor of representing people who have suffered such a tragedy. Whether it be as the result of an industrial accident, car accident, boating accident, or medical negligence, the long road back can be made easier when reasonable compensation is obtained. To be certain, no amount of money can ever truly make someone whole, but it can allow these injured people to truly concentrate on their rehabilitation and life’s adjustment. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it all comes down to the skill of your lawyer.

I represented a particular individual who had lost his foot in a work related accident. We grew close as the case progressed and I witnessed his struggles, adjustments and ultimately his coming to terms with his new future. I was proud that I played a role in his recovery, both physically and emotionally.