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My Hip Replacement Injured Me. What Are My Rights?

My Hip Replacement Injured Me. What Are My Rights?

Medical science has made incredible strides when it comes to helping people live the lives they want even in their older age. Failing or broken bones can now be replaced by sturdier products in order to keep people moving when they would otherwise have limited mobility. Among the most common example of these products are hip replacements. Many people use hip replacements in order to continue walking and running if they suffer an injury to their hips.

Metal hip replacements, in particular, became very popular due to their increased durability, but many recipients of metal hip replacements noticed other health issues that were linked to metal hip replacements. If you were injured by a metal hip replacement or any type of hip replacement, you could be entitled to compensation. It is important to investigate the true nature of your injury, however, so that you understand who is liable for your injury.

If the hip replacement itself caused your injury (such as a failed device that caused you to fall and injure yourself or even require a second surgery), then you could file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the hip replacement. However, if the injury occurred as a result of negligence on the part of the health care provider who installed your hip replacement, you could also file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Massachusetts residents who have been injured by a hip replacement are encouraged to speak with an attorney. Consulting with a legal professional can give you crucial insight and help you investigate the circumstances of your injury so that you can maximize your compensation from all sources.