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2 Shocking Car Accidents From the Boston Area

2 Shocking Car Accidents From the Boston Area

Every year, a variety of reports suggest that Boston is a safe place for pedestrians. The numbers support this conclusion, but it turns out the numbers are wrong, and haphazard journalism generally contributes to the misconception that Boston is one of the safest large cities for walkers.

The Boston Globe reports that the Department of Transportation believes these reports only contain a fraction of car accidents because police officers are too busy to file the extra paperwork for every incident. However, the police department recently migrated to a new online system, which might mean that we’ll see a more accurate number in the near future.

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  1. Driver Strikes Two Children at Elementary School

Drop-off and pick-up times at elementary schools are dangerous for children. Parents in the car line are often in a hurry, and school buses obstruct drivers’ views. Furthermore, children are generally walking and running across the road to get home or to meet their parents in a different location. WHDH News reports that two young girls were involved in a car accident while walking in front of a school.

School surveillance video depicts the out-of-control car veering onto the sidewalk and running the girls over from behind. The car struck a planter during the crash, which caused it to stop and likely saved the girls’ lives. The sisters were walking with their mother at the time, and both suffered injuries that required emergency medical attention. Meanwhile, police say that it’s possible a brake failure caused the wreck.

  1. Reckless Driver Crashes Into Two Police Officers

Many studies show the dangers of riding motorcycles, but for some police officers, using them is part of the job. The Boston Globe reports that a driver attempted to make a U-turn on a busy road and caused a wreck.

Shockingly, she initiated the turn from the far lane, meaning that she was cutting across four lanes. Two officers on motorcycles were trying to pass her in the left lane when she abruptly swerved into their lane and hit both. Both officers went to area hospitals; one suffered only minor injuries, but the other is undergoing surgery for a severely broken leg.

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