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Massachusetts Residents Beware of Large Product Recall

Massachusetts Residents Beware of Large Product Recall

Massachusetts residents need to beware and do a quick check on their home thermostats. This is because a recall has been announced for more than 1 million thermostats. This is due to a problem that can cause a fire due to battery leakage. The defective products have been sold in hardware stores and other places under various brand names, including such names as Emerson, Maytag, Frigidaire, and Ruud.

When people are injured and the property is damaged due to a defective product, there is legal recourse available to those who have been affected. Massachusetts attorneys familiar with laws surrounding product liability may be able to explain consumer rights. These attorneys can also explain what legal remedies are available. These may include seeking financial compensation to cover losses and expenses incurred due to the product defect.

Though no injuries caused by the defective units have been reported to date, there have been reports of seven units sustaining burn damage caused by the defect, so it is fortuitous that no one was hurt. The thermostats were manufactured in China and sold from 2006 through 2013 in both the U.S. and Canada, among other locales. The recalled units original cost ranged from $30 and $70 each.

One way consumers can check their own thermostat to determine if it is a unit that has been recalled is to look for a battery icon. This icon will be found on the blue lighted screen on the thermostat. If the unit has one, it is not part of the recall; the recalled units are not configured in this manner.

It is unreasonable to think that consumers can stay abreast of every recall there is. If you believe you have a defective product that has damaged your home or hurt your person, it may be prudent to seek legal counsel immediately

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