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Did nursing home negligence lead to attacks?

Did nursing home negligence lead to attacks?

It can be difficult to make the decision to house a beloved family member in a nursing home. Great care is taken by families to ensure their loved ones will get the best care. The family places their trust in the staff and management of the facility to ensure the health and safety of their loved ones. The last thing they expect is to find out they are dealing with provider negligence that results in harm to their loved one.

The Department of Aging and Disability Services has launched investigations into two separate nursing home attacks in Texas. In each case, one client at the respective facility attacked another. In the first case, one man allegedly beat two other men to death using the arm of his own wheelchair. A family member of one of the deceased men claims that the facility staff was asked to move the accused man out of the deceased man’s room previously due to violence.

In the second case, two family members were residing at the same facility when they allegedly got into an argument. The altercation then reportedly turned violent, with one man hitting the other with a dumbbell. The man who was struck was taken to a hospital. His condition is reported to be critical but stable.

It is a sad reality that bad things happen at nursing homes nationwide. Even in Massachusetts, reports of nursing home neglect and other forms of negligence are filed. What can family members do to protect loved ones? When there are problems at the facility, loved ones can seek legal advice in regard to their options and how to get the situation corrected for the one they care about.

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