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Worker Fatally Injured In Massachusetts Truck Accident

Worker Fatally Injured In Massachusetts Truck Accident

Construction work is a very dangerous business by its nature. There is almost no instance in which a construction site is not dangerous, either because of the height risks of working on a Boston skyscraper or the possibility of malfunctioning machinery. Many construction sites involve roads that are still operating in some capacity, which puts construction workers in close proximity to fast-moving vehicles. This obviously comes with some risks that can prove fatal.

Recently in Massachusetts, a dump truck struck a construction worker on Interstate 91. As a result of the truck accident, two lanes were closed while police investigated the incident. By the early morning, traffic was moving again, but there is still very little information about the cause of the accident or the circumstances surrounding it. All that is confirmed is that one construction worker is dead after being struck by a dump truck.

This is obviously an extremely tragic accident that many construction workers likely fear in their line of work, but it is important to note that construction workers are not the only ones at risk of such an accident. There are plenty of reasons that any person may step out of their vehicle, and if a large truck driver is not paying attention or the truck is in a state of disrepair, the slightest mistake could cause a fatal pedestrian accident.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident, whether they were in their car or on foot, it is highly recommended that you seek legal assistance. With the help of an attorney, you can take advantage of the rights afforded to you by the law as the victim of a truck accident. Successfully proving that you were not at fault in the accident could lead to compensation for your injuries or loss.

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