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Unsafe Food Products: Glass Fragments Found in Ravioli

Unsafe Food Products: Glass Fragments Found in Ravioli

Cutting a hand or a foot on broken glass is a scary enough thought for many Massachusetts residents. But what about consuming food containing glass fragments? Recently, Nestle recalled one of its varieties of frozen Lean Cuisine ravioli as it was suspected to contain glass.

These products were produced in 2012 within two days and were distributed nationwide. The best before the date mentioned on these products is December 2013. Also, it’s believed that most of these unsafe food products are not available in stores anymore as they have already been purchased by consumers.

Three consumers complained to Nestle about the presence of glass in the food products, which led to the company recalling the product. But now the main concern is that, since the products have already been purchased, there may be some people unaware of the recall. Many of these recalled products may be in freezers and consumption of these products may cause considerable harm.

This is not the first time that Nestle has recalled its products. Lean Cuisine Simple Favorites Spaghetti with Meatballs was recalled by the company in March 2011 as consumers found plastic in the meatballs. Also, it recalled one of its chocolate powder products in November 2012 due to the presence of salmonella.

Although stringent rules are to be followed by manufacturers and distributors of food products to ensure safety, negligence and corner-cutting may prove dangerous to consumers. Defective products or distribution errors may cause injuries to people who use the products. An injured person may file for damages from the liable parties.

An injured person may conduct an investigation into the product in question and review all aspects of the accident. The person may also consider the opinion of a legal professional in the matter to prove that the product was unsafe and it caused the injury. A product liability lawsuit may help the person to claim compensation for the injuries caused by the product.

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