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Dog Bites Pizza Deliverer In Boston

Dog Bites Pizza Deliverer In Boston

Animals do not always behave well and pet owners are obligated to keep other people safe from violent pets. Boston, Massachusetts, residents may have noticed that some pet owners prefer to keep their dogs unleashed, which may lead to a passerby receiving dog attacks.

Food delivery has become common across the country and food deliverers are often confronted with the danger of unleashed dogs. Recently, a pizza deliverer was attacked by a dog and received dog bites. The dog ran out of the house and bit the pizza deliverer on his upper right thigh and ran back inside after the attack.

According to the Boston police report, the delivery driver reported back to work after the attack and was then taken to hospital. The owner of the dog was questioned regarding the dog’s vaccinations, but he refused to surrender any information. The dog owner also tried to convince the victim that treatment was not required for the victim’s injuries.

Dog bites are dangerous and may prove fatal if the animal has not received proper vaccinations. According to Massachusetts state laws, the owner of the dog is liable if a dog attacks any person or property. The only exception to this rule is when the bite victim either trespasses or abuses the animal.

Victims of dog bites may need medical care. Lacerations, bleeding, and scars are some of the most common injuries faced by dog bite victims. Additionally, victims of dog bites may suffer psychological damage in addition to their physical injuries. Victims may not be able to work and may need cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Residents of Boston, Massachusetts, may be aware that a person injured by dog bites may file a premises liability claim against a dog owner in order to receive due compensation for their injuries, under applicable laws of the state. Victims may often claim compensation for past and future medical bills lost wages and expenses incurred for psychological counseling.

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