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Jackets Sold in Massachusetts Recalled Due to Defects

Jackets Sold in Massachusetts Recalled Due to Defects

Massachusetts residents may be aware that every year numerous products are recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission because of defects. However, sometimes the defective product may be detected after it has already caused harm.

Some of these products may be used by many people as they are branded or claim to be of superior quality and free from defects. One of the most widely used products is a jacket. Recently, an electrically heated jacket was recalled by the CPSC due to its defective battery.

According to sources, 220 jackets were recalled. These jackets included defective rechargeable batteries. In some cases, the batteries in the jacket caused overheating and a fire ensued. The jackets were also sold by stores located in Massachusetts. It was reported that 33 jackets were sold to people after the recall was announced.

A person may be injured due to a defective product and may suffer severe pain and mental anguish. A person may also need medical attention because of injuries caused by the defective product. Although allegedly no incidents have been reported in the U.S., sometimes people may not be aware of the recall and may use the product. Or the recall may have been issued after the person was injured.

If any person is injured because of a defective product, that person may file a claim for compensation against the manufacturer of the product. The person may claim for lost wages, medical expenses and mental trauma. It is advisable to get advice from a legal professional in this type of situation. The legal professional will educate the person on product liability laws applicable in these cases and will educate the person on the process involved. The professional may also help the person to calculate the losses and how to file a claim.

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