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Multiple Products Recalled For Potential Hazards

Multiple Products Recalled For Potential Hazards

Tens of thousands of toys and other products have recently been recalled, as a list of potentially dangerous products has been made available for consumers, complete with product information, reasoning for recall, and the incidents that may or may not have necessitated the recall. Among the recalled products are toy fishing games, LED lights, crib mattresses, metal cutter saws, and more. Not all of these products have incidents associated with them, but that is not an indication that the recall should be ignored.

Perhaps the largest of these recalls is that of the toy fishing games, in which a plastic worm has been known to separate from a line, releasing small parts that could be a choking hazard for small children playing with the toy. More than 400 incidents of the worm separating have been reported, and four cases of children swallowing small parts have also been reported. Fortunately, there have been no recorded injuries, but more than 14,000 of the toys have been recalled.

Thanks to various federal regulations, companies are getting better and faster about issuing product recalls for potentially hazardous or defective products. Unfortunately, these recalls are only effective if the consumers purchasing the products are aware of them. Furthermore, some hazards are not detected until an injury has already occurred, at which point the recall is pointless for the injured individuals.

If you suffer an injury because of a defective product, you could be entitled to compensation. Even if a product recall has been issued regarding the product, that does not eliminate the company’s liability for releasing such a dangerous product to the market. Massachusetts residents are encouraged to meet with an attorney if they have been injured by these defective products or any defective products to learn more about their rights and chances for compensation.