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Boston Cyclist Dragged Underneath Garbage Truck

Boston Cyclist Dragged Underneath Garbage Truck

Truck accidents can be a messy business for a number of reasons. One obvious reason is because of the size of trucks, meaning that trucking accidents will likely cause significantly more damage than similar accidents with other vehicles. Another reason is that there is more in question than simply the drivers of each vehicle: there is the company that owns the truck, what its hiring practices are, and how well conditioned it keeps its trucks. Fortunately, with witnesses and strong legal assistance, truck accident victims can navigate all of these factors and make their case.

There are few mismatches quite as severe as a garbage truck meeting a bicyclist, but, reportedly, this occurrence took place in Boston recently. The truck was turning when it ran over a bicyclist, trapping his leg and dragging him. Fortunately, a witness stated that the rescue was quick to respond, and the man was freed in less than half an hour. The cyclist appears likely to survive.

This is not the first time such an accident has occurred. Among similar accidents involving bicyclists was one that took place in Charlestown this past spring and another nearby in 2012. Both of those accidents were fatal. A Boston Cyclists Union official claimed that many of the collisions are the result of truck drivers abruptly turning right after passing a biker. While it’s not clear whether this is what happened with the above accident, Massachusetts law requires drivers to allow bicyclists to pass before making a right turn.

You don’t have to be riding a bicycle to be injured in a truck accident, however. Anyone who has been injured by a truck accident could be entitled to compensation for their injuries. Strong legal counsel can help you build your case and may help ensure that you are given the maximum compensation you deserve.

Source: The Boston Globe, “Bicyclist dragged by garbage truck in South End,” Oliver Ortega, July 29, 2014