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Darin Colucci Launches Motivational Book to Inspire Youth

Darin Colucci Launches Motivational Book to Inspire Youth

High school is supposed to instill you with the knowledge needed to go out into the world and succeed. But quite often, high school graduates are left unable to perform simple tasks that are essential for everyday life as an adult in the real world.

You learn mathematical concepts — but may be unable to balance a checkbook. You learn biology — but not how to boil water to make spaghetti. You learn proper grammar and punctuation — but cursive is rarely taught anymore, and text message slang and abbreviations often supersede proper spelling.

So while you may, in fact, receive a well-rounded education, you enter the world with very little of the knowledge you need to actually live in it, much less achieve success and happiness. It’s no wonder many believe that the youth of today need help and inspiration.

Darin Colucci, one of America’s top personal injury attorneys and a founding partner of Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C., knows all too well the plight high school students and graduates face in today’s trying times and a troubled economy.

But he also knows that realizing one’s dreams and achieving success is entirely possible and has launched an important and motivational book to inspire not just today’s youth, but future generations as well.

About the Book

Entitled “Everything I Never Learned in School: A Guide to Success,” the book might be the single most important book a high school student, or anyone who has already graduated, ever reads. It provides great insight into what an individual truly needs in order to achieve success and happiness.

Information is presented in a straightforward, practical manner, and the book includes sage advice from famous people as well as important life lessons learned throughout Colucci’s experience. Through easy-to-understand life rules, humorous but poignant stories, and an important life guide on how to achieve wealth, career success, and true happiness, you’ll be empowered to make all your dreams come true.

Daymond John, the well-known celebrity investor appearing regularly on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and founder/CEO of FUBU praises Colucci’s book:

“Success on all levels requires believing in yourself, perseverance, and the information Darin provides in this book. This is how you Move Ever Forward.”

Darin Colucci's Motivational Book

Additionally, Fortune 500 businessman Ken Gaudreau exclaims:

“You need to buy this book for anyone for whom you wish success. … This is nothing short of a blueprint on how to succeed and live a life filled with passion, excitement, and fulfillment.”

About the Darin Colucci

Having enjoyed a successful career as a trial attorney for over two decades, Darin Colucci was named by Newsweek as one of the 10 best personal injury attorneys in America. Darin has also written several works of fiction, has developed and invented important life-saving safety mechanisms, and has often given motivational speeches to young adults.

It was his experience as a motivational speaker, and the stories of disenchantment he heard from several of those he spoke with, that motivated him to write this book and present everything he had learned about being successful and happy.

Learn More

Visit his website to learn more about Darin Colucci and the book, or order “Everything I Never Learned in School: A Guide to Success” from Amazon. You can also purchase the book from Barnes & Noble.