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Elder Abuse Caught In Nursing Home

Elder Abuse Caught In Nursing Home

Many Massachusetts residents prefer nursing home care for their elderly family members, expecting that a nursing home is better equipped to care for them. It is assumed that nursing home staff is trained and can tackle challenging situations. The staff is required to administer diagnosed medications, feed the residents if necessary, and see to their personal hygiene.

Sometimes nursing homes may be negligent in caring for their residents. In a recent incident, six employees of a nursing home were accused of elder abuse. Massachusetts residents should be aware that such incidents can take place in nursing homes.

The employees allegedly hit a man who had dementia and treated him roughly. In a videotape, it was seen that the employee aggressively rolled the man in his bed, causing his head to hit the bed rail. He was also struck when he refused to cooperate as the employees attempted to turn him over. Four employees at this Indiana facility were charged with felony battery, neglect, and intimidation. Two other employees were charged with failure to report the abuse of an endangered adult.
Of course, such treatment of nursing home residents is completely uncalled for and is subject to prosecution. Nursing home staff is entrusted with providing care and attention to residents, some of whom are chronically ill and unable to care for themselves.

Nursing home negligence can come in many forms and can be the cause of injuries or even death. In addition to sexual, physical and emotional abuse, nursing home negligence may involve medication errors, resident falls and fractures, dehydration, malnutrition, bedsores, pressure ulcers, and failure to diagnose and treat illnesses, among other incidents.

When an injury to a resident of a nursing home in Massachusetts has occurred and is the result of nursing home negligence, individuals and families may file a claim for damages against the institution. The person may identify and interview witnesses to prove the abuse occurred. Help from a legal professional experienced in nursing home abuse may help in receiving fair compensation.

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