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Hazardous Driving Conditions Contribute To Truck Crashes

Hazardous Driving Conditions Contribute To Truck Crashes

The winter storms have begun to ravage the northern part of the country, and Massachusetts is no exception. According to state police, Linus left almost a foot of snow in parts of the state, which has made driving conditions hazardous. While those of us who are native to the area have experience dealing with these icy roads, we are not the only drivers inhabiting said roads. Some drivers may not exercise the proper amount of caution when traveling under these dangerous circumstances.

Perhaps the most notable example of such drivers is truck drivers. Truck drivers often drive long hours across multiple state lines, and certain drivers may attempt to drive quickly through hazardous areas to shave some time off their travel time. Additionally, because truck drivers are not always directly responsible for the condition of their vehicle, the proper precautions may not have been exercised on the truck to make it safe to drive over icy roads.

Regardless of the factors that may contribute to truck accidents, the fact is that these truck accidents are happening in Massachusetts. One accident occurred recently when three large trucks crashed into each other late in the evening. One of the drivers suffered minor injuries, and the other two were unharmed, but, fortunately, these trucks collided with one another. If a smaller vehicle had been involved in the crash, there likely would have been serious injuries to the driver of that vehicle.

Two other trucks crashed in a different area, and again there were no injuries, but it is important to be especially wary when driving around trucks in these hazardous, icy conditions. The truck drivers are probably not as comfortable driving on the icy roads, their trucks may not be in proper condition, and they still have deadlines to meet, meaning that they may not employ the safest of driving practices.

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