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Legal Defense For All Types of Defective Products

Legal Defense For All Types of Defective Products

Many people know that they can be compensated for injuries that they suffer due to another’s negligence and that this compensation can include dangerous or defective products. However, when most people think of defective products that may cause injury, they think of defective hip replacements or machines and appliances that they use throughout their homes. Obviously, these certainly qualify and can easily be responsible for injuries, there are other products that consumers may not think of.

One such product that is capable of causing serious damage with very little warning is medication. Dangerous or defective drugs are obviously concerning because they are being ingested directly into the body, and thus are capable of causing serious health issues. Additionally, they can affect many individuals all across the country, including in Massachusetts. Defects in these drugs are often difficult to detect because once the medicine is mixed in a pill, it will likely look just like any other drug.

Consumers are encouraged to closely monitor their health and remain in contact with their health care providers whenever they begin taking new medication. If a pharmaceutical company does not become aware of a defect in its medication, consumers may continue to take dangerous drugs without knowing that they are being harmed. In many instances, it is only through continuous reports of adverse health effects that the dangers of a drug become known.

If you believe you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product, we would be happy to discuss your rights with you. The legal assistance we provide can help you prove that you were injured by a defective drug, which may lead to compensation recovered from a successful product liability claim.