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Premises Liability Cases Can Be Difficult To Prove

Premises Liability Cases Can Be Difficult To Prove

We often talk about premises liability strictly within the context of accidental personal injuries, such as slipping and falling and suffering broken bones or bruises. It may surprise you to learn that this is not the only applicable scenario of premises liability law. Being bitten by an aggressive dog, striking an obstacle that couldn’t be seen due to low visibility, suffering an injury at an amusement park, all of these issues could fall under the umbrella of premises liability depending on the circumstances.

Ultimately, premises liability law refers to any personal injury sustained as the direct result of an unsafe property condition which you were unaware of. This could include obvious things like falling through a rotted wooden staircase, but it could also extend to being injured in a fire that you could have avoided if the smoke detector had been working properly.

Because the nature of premises liability claims is so wide and varied, it can often be difficult to prove your claims. After all, you cannot sue someone if you have a moment of clumsiness and happen to fall on your own. This is why it is important to enlist the aid of an attorney who is familiar with premises liability law in your area.

Boston residents who believe they have a valid premises liability claim are encouraged to visit our webpage to find out more about premises liability, as well as how we can help you prove your claims. Modern technology has given our society access to technology that can make it easier to prove these difficult claims. For example, by recreating the circumstances of an accident and examining it from different angles, you may be able to prove beyond a doubt that there were dangerous property conditions that contributed to your serious injury.