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The Importance Of Doing Your Nursing Home Research

The Importance Of Doing Your Nursing Home Research

We all care about the well-being of our elderly loved ones, and we want to make sure that they are taken care of in the later years of their lives. For many, this love manifests itself in finding a good nursing home that is capable not only of taking care of the elderly but providing them with medical attention in case of an emergency. Some people may be comfortable in the knowledge that a nursing home has never had any notable cases of injury or negligence, but that does not mean that such a nursing home is the best option.

A recent analysis that took data from 34 different New York nursing homes uncovered nearly 700 infractions between them all, and while many of the infractions were minor, it hardly bolsters one’s confidence. Some are concerned about a ripple effect wherein the infractions get more serious over time. It is a fear that these infractions indicate a level of laziness or lack of respect for sanctions that could lead to larger, more devastating issues over time.

Many of these infractions were discovered by unannounced inspections. This begs the question of how much nursing homes are getting away with when they think they are not being watched. Even in Massachusetts, some nursing homes could be failing to adhere to laws and regulations, which could result in injury or negligent care. Some people may not put much stake in a slippery slope argument, but that does not take away from the fact that investigating different nursing homes can only benefit loved ones.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home and you believe that they are being mistreated or that negligent care is causing them harm, consider meeting with an attorney to discuss the aspects of your case. You or your loved one could be entitled to compensation.