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Vote Yes On Question 1 and Keep Nurses and Patients Safe

Unfortunately, ballot questions in Massachusetts have become less about the issue concerned, and more about whoever has the better ad campaign. This year’s Question 1 is not different. But when you study the issue, I can’t see how anyone could credibly vote No. Nurses, who are actually the ones in the best position to weigh in on the issue seem to overwhelmingly support the measure. And when all is said and done, the insurance company’s position in opposing the initiative is solely based on cost. Insurance companies see this as something that will cut into profits. They then invariably intimate if the not explicit state, that they will pass these costs onto the consumer. With profits and wages and astronomical levels, they do show a certain amount of unmitigated gall when they state that Question 1 if passed, will cause insurance rates to rise. At its barest essence, Question 1 is about reasonableness and, in the end, safety. There is only so much that a nurse can safely accomplish when dealing with these high-stress matters that require laser focus, and often life and/or death hang in the balance. Limiting their patients to a manageable number is a safety measure based on reasonableness and experience. I would strongly urge people to Vote Yes on 1.

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