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What To Prepare Before Calling A Lawyer?

What To Prepare Before Calling A Lawyer?

No one expects to get hurt. When they are, they can be thrust into the unexpected situation of having to call an experienced personal injury attorney. They’ve already got a lot on their minds from dealing with the pain and fears of what will happen next. Not everyone knows how to prepare for that first case to make sure things move along as quickly as possible.

Your list of what to prepare before calling a personal injury lawyer

The most important thing for the attorney to know at the beginning is what are the basic facts.

They include:

  1. How did the accident happen and what are the injuries?
  2. What witnesses exist? How do we reach them?
  3. What happened to you medically? Were you taken by ambulance, where did you go? What’s your understanding of your injury as it stands right now.
  4. Do you remember exactly where you were when the accident happened, such as the name of a traffic intersection? In particular, you will need the town or city so your attorney can get any police report on the incident.
  5. If it’s convenient for you to get a copy of any police reports related to the case, gather them. If not, we’ll gather them for you.
  6. Any further basic facts you have at the beginning will be helpful.
  7. Do you have the name of your insurance company?
  8. Has an insurance adjuster called and given you a claim number?

It would be extremely beneficial to have a copy of your insurance declarations page, or “Dec page.” That will tell you what your coverage is, such as if you have $20,000 of liability, $100,000 of liability, or even more.

With that info in hand, your attorney will have a good start to helping you get your claim as fast as possible.