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When Smoke Detectors Fail To Protect You?

When Smoke Detectors Fail To Protect You?

Have you or someone close to you been harmed because of a defective smoke detector? Certain types of smoke detectors are better and responding to certain types of fires than others. People harmed by defective smoke detectors have the right to seek compensation for their losses, including medical bills, wage loss and pain, and suffering.

At Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C., our lawyers have handled numerous defective smoke detector cases for clients from the Boston area and throughout Massachusetts. We are prepared to stand up for your rights and help you seek fair and just compensation for your losses.

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Defective Smoke Detectors / Smoke Alarms

There are different types of fires and not all types of smoke alarms respond the same way to fires.

  • Ionization smoke alarms: These smoke detectors detect heat and are not adept at detecting slow, smoldering fires like kitchen fires, grease fires, and electrical fires.
  • Photoelectric smoke alarms: This type of smoke detectors is better at detecting smoke, but may not respond adequately to fires that burn hot, but have little smoke.

Regardless of the type of smoke alarm you own, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney to determine if you have cause for legal action. Our lawyers can help you explore your legal options.

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