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Boston Falling Debris Injury Attorneys

Even the most careful construction site worker who takes every precaution to prevent injury can be seriously hurt by a negligent contractor or subcontractor. One of the most common dangers on any construction site is falling debris, including tools, garbage, and equipment. Injury claim benefits are likely available to construction site workers injured by falling debris, but large-scale awards are not–unless a third-party claim is pursued. Third-party claims, filed against contractors, subcontractors, and other parties (except your employer), can result in high-value awards for pain, suffering, diminished earning capacity, and other losses.

Choose Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C., when you want to work with a Boston personal injury law firm that provides aggressive representation tailored to your specific needs. Clients throughout the area trust our knowledgeable, attentive team when they need to hire a worksite accident lawyer. We’ll address the injustice you’re facing and fight for the maximum possible compensation on your behalf.

Wrongful death or injury is a tragedy that affects the lives of everyone involved. When dealing with such an instance, it is essential to work with a firm that will plan carefully to provide superb representation in your case.

Count on us when you want to work with a Boston injury lawyer who fights passionately for your legal rights. We will always treat you with the utmost courtesy and respect, addressing your particular legal needs, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. You are our valued client, and that level of attentive service is exactly what you deserve.

Working Harder to Obtain Higher Awards

When you are injured on the job, it’s important that your construction injury lawyer be fully committed to maximizing your claim. At our law office, we aggressively pursue each potential case brought to us. While many other firms automatically reject challenging cases so that they can “focus on other cases,” we work tirelessly to identify ways to creatively handle cases and pursue the compensation our clients deserve. Many of our current cases were originally rejected by numerous other law firms before we accepted them.

Once we accept a falling accident case, we pursue all potential strategies to win the case and maximize the award. Our efforts routinely include reenacting and reconstructing accidents to prove negligence and to strengthen each case. For more information regarding how we can help following a construction site injury, please contact our office.

Types of Accident Cases We Have Handled

Safety precautions and features we take for granted in finished buildings are nonexistent in buildings that are still under construction. Before a building is finished, workers are in constant danger of falls and falling debris. For example:

  • Stairwells without Steps and/or Railings
  • Unguarded Holes in Floors
  • Unmarked Holes or Holes without Warning Railings or Indicators
  • Floors That Cannot Yet Support a Person’s Weight
  • Dangerous and Unguarded Construction Site Elevators
  • Debris Falling Through Unguarded or Unmarked Holes
Pro Associations Falls and Falling Debris Injuries

Few firms can match the qualifications and track record of Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C. Our team includes a Massachusetts “Super Lawyer” and Rising Stars, and we have obtained numerous six- and seven-figure awards in our decades of service. Our construction site and premises liability legal experience range from slip-and-fall accidents on construction sites to the handling of 9-11/World Trade Center cases.

We don’t handle cases in a standard A-B-C formula. Each case garners a careful analysis, even if it was rejected by numerous other firms. We review the law and then ask key questions. What are the challenges of this case? How can they be addressed efficiently and economically so that the injured party can receive the highest possible award? What can we do to communicate key case strengths to negotiators and juries? Our approach has resulted in hundreds of successful construction site accident cases, including cases involving falls and holes.

Contact us for more information regarding how we can help following a construction site injury. We proudly serve clients throughout Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas.

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