Highway Accidents

Highways Pose High Risks

Highway accidents are often catastrophic. High speeds and close proximity to multiple vehicles explain why these accidents are often so severe. In heavy traffic, drivers have little time to react. What would have otherwise been an accident involving two vehicles can turn into a serious, multi-car accident.

If you have been injured in a car accident on I-93, I-90, the Massachusetts Turnpike, Storrow Drive or any other highway in Massachusetts, you should talk to a personal injury lawyer about your specific legal options.

The law firm of Colucci Colucci Marcus & Flavin, PC, has significant experience obtaining maximum compensation for motor vehicle accident victims in the Boston area. For experienced representation following a hit-and-run accident in Massachusetts, contact our Milton law firm at (617) 698-6000.

Causes Of Highway Accidents

Our law firm prides itself on thoroughly investigating car, motorcycle and truck accidents happening on highways. Some common causes of these accidents include:

If any of these or another example of negligence by another driver caused or contributed to your accident happening, our law firm will help you seek compensation for all related expenses.

Contingency fees: We work on a contingency fee basis in all areas related to personal injury law. This means that you pay nothing if we don’t win compensation for you, and that all attorney time is at no charge, including your initial consultation.

Contact A Massachusetts Highway Accident Attorney

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