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Helping the most helpless, Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin, P.C., has provided exceptional legal representation since 1995. As dedicated attorneys at an established Boston personal injury law firm, we are aware of the skepticism that many people hold toward injury lawyers. Happily, this skepticism rarely manifests in cases involving handling nursing home negligence and abuse. We are ready to assist you when you need a talented personal injury lawyer in Boston, MA.

The elderly and the infirm are among the most vulnerable in our society and even the most skeptical jurors still look at this population sympathetically. There are few things that will evoke sadness, compassion, and empathy such as an injury to a helpless individual.  We at CCM&F remain dedicated to vigorously fighting for all those who can no longer fight for themselves. If you or a loved one need legal help regarding injuries sustained in a nursing home or other care facility, schedule a consultation with a Boston injury lawyer today. We provide legal representation for all types of nursing home negligence issues, including:

Don’t Accept Substandard Care in a Nursing Home

Our attorneys have handled hundreds of nursing home injury and wrongful death cases. Some of these cases involve situations where a resident has suffered abuse that could be sexual, physical, or emotional in nature. Neglect, whether because of inadequate staffing or another reason, is an additional form of abuse that can result in residence not even receiving the most basic care. Further, residents can suffer physical harm if they’re not rotated in the bed Legal Malpracticeregularly, making them susceptible to bedsores or pressure ulcers. It is our position that with precious few exceptions, no resident at a nursing home or assisted living facility should ever have a bed sore or pressure ulcer.  We believe that the grave majority of these are actionable and per se events of negligence.

Residents who are not properly supervised sometimes wander off, or fall and break a bone. These types of negligence cases don’t only occur in nursing home settings, they can also happen in an assisted living facility, or in situations where a person needs a home health aide. Sometimes doctors even fail to properly diagnose patients, or fail to treat them once they are diagnosed. Even with a correct diagnosis, errors in prescribing or administering medications can cause serious harm. Our firm understands the betrayal that occurs when your loved one has been harmed by the very people entrusted with his/her care. We endeavor always to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions and aggressively seek justice on behalf of our clients.

We Value Every Human Life

Often, an adult child of an injured nursing home resident walks through our door following a frustrating meeting with another law firm that denied the case because the parent was “too old.” While it is true that age can have a negative effect on a claim, we believe that every life has value and that every family deserves caring and committed legal help.

We have accepted nursing home negligence cases involving injured 90-year-olds after numerous other firms turned down the case. To us, it feels good to fulfill our goal of providing compensation for all injured parties, especially those least able to care for and fight for themselves.

Get the Right Representation on Your Side

Has your loved one suffered due to nursing home abuse or neglect? Choosing an attorney to represent your interests can be one of the most important decisions you can make. Many of our clients ask us what they should look for in a nursing home negligence attorney. We will explore some common attributes of successful nursing home abuse lawyers on this page. The following are some traits that we find are important for a nursing home abuse attorney to possess:

  • Experience: Nursing home abuse cases can be complex and call for attorneys with significant experience in this special area of law.
  • Skillset: You should hire an attorney who has the skillset to handle your particular case, whether it involves bedsores, malnutrition, medication errors, nursing home wrongful death, or unexplained and/or unwitnessed falls.
  • Resources: Nursing home negligence cases may require extensive evidence and testimony from experts in medicine and other relevant fields. Make sure you work with a law firm that has the necessary resources to handle the most complex cases.
  • Contingency Fee Billing: It is also important to work with an attorney who will not charge you any fees upfront. In a contingency fee billing arrangement, you only have to pay an attorney’s fee if he or she obtains results for you.

Contact us to discuss your specific case with one of our attorneys. We proudly serve clients throughout Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas.